Single Source Solutions

UNITECH’s Single Source Solutions are an integrated range of products and services enabling savings up to 30% on subsea distribution projects. Our Single Source Solutions reduce project risk by eliminating interface issues and enables contractual optimization by reducing spare inventory requirements across multiple field developments.

Our Single Source Solutions includes manufacturing and the configuration of flying leads using UNITECH MQC stabplates, UNITECH hydraulic couplers and UNITECH UH-500 Series connectors.

Benefits of Single Source Solutions

  • Cost savings
  • De-risk – reduce our client’s project risk (and commercial risk) by eliminating interface issues for our partners arising from multiple suppliers.
  • Easier project management – one supplier: one point of contact.
  • Custom flying leads / umbilicals terminated with UH-500 Series / MQC terminations on reels ready for shipment quayside.
  • Reconfigurable and reusable MQC flying lead systems significantly reduce spares inventory requirements across multiple developments.
  • Technical engineering resource – allows companies to ‘flex’ their project resource: more resource when they need it, less when they don’t need it.

The Elements

Single Source Solutions comprises the following elements:

– Infield Umbilicals and Flying Leads
– Connectors, for example subsea MQC stab plates, UH-500 Series connectors and UH-100 couplers
– Range of tie-In connections: platform-on-shore; platform-platform; platform-subsea structure; and subsea – subsea.

Single Source Services include:

  • Survey
  • Base support service and integration testing.
  • Installation
  • Post Installation Survey
  • Engineering resource.