UNITECH’s approach to subsea intervention systems is based on a common theme: engineered simplicity. We believe that when a product is engineered for simplicity, it’s more reliable, easier to install and requires less maintenance.

Engineered simplicity avoids unnecessary complexity. Connectors are designed with low system complexity (fewer parts) and lightweight and, as a result, unmatched for their ease and speed of installation. In addition to reducing development and installation costs, operators will require less ROV time and smaller, less-expensive installation vessels.

IWOCS Umbilical Termination
20K psi heavy duty MQCs, 25K psi UH-100 couplers – state of the art umbilical terminations.
MQC Terminator Charlie X-1
Manifold design female plate eliminates vulnerable leak points, pipe welding and tube bending – drastically reduced installation and intervention cost and risk.
UH-550 with integrated ball valve
Gas lift and chemical injection – used with pressure cap allows immediate action to prevent hydrate growth, saving significant time and cost.

While connector complexity and weight are reduced, safety performance is never compromised by engineered simplicity. Manufactured with high-quality materials – including Inconel, titanium and Super Duplex stainless steel – UNITECH connectors set the standard for safety and operational uptime.

UNITECH has ISO 9001:2008 certification, and qualify and supply our products to industry standards, including: API 6A; API 17D, E & F; NORSOK M-630 & M-650; NACE MR0175; DNV-RP-F112.

Bespoke Intervention Developments

Over 30 years experience in subsea intervention allows UNITECH to undertake bespoke, project-specific connector developments cost-effectively.