Power Cables

For more than 35 years UNITECH has developed state of the art and cost efficient hang offs, Quick ALR connectors and customized termination solutions based on the major success of our subsea connectors.

UNITECH can also offer a unique test location and infrastructure due to the ownership of the former Hywind Demo – now UNITECH Zefyros – at the MetCentre of Norway. Zefyros serves as a most effective HUB for new floating wind turbines, subsea charging stations and other future energy platforms.

UNITECH is in the process of building a new combined technical school, technology center and a state of the art complete test center for new dynamic cable systems including both mechanical and electrical testing and qualification.

Power Cables Capabilities:

  • The UNITECH Power Cable Portfolio is based on years of studying the known failure mechanisms in the industry.
  • UNITECH Submarine Power Cables includes the world strongest and most fatigue resistant power cables in the world.
  • The product range cover 1-132 kV and up to 30 MW.